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Alabama DUI Defense

Alabama, like many other states, includes both a criminal case and a Department of Public Safety (DPS) driver's license case following an arrest for drunk driving. The consequences for an arrest are serious, which is why you need to get in touch with a qualified Alabama DUI attorney as soon as you are charged with this offense. By immediately contacting an attorney, the events surrounding the arrest will still be fresh in your mind and you will have a better chance of having a positive outcome with your DUI case.

At Polson & Polson, P.C., understanding, learning, and preparation are key. We also handle all cases with a team approach, ensuring that you benefit from our collective years of experience.

All lawyers in our office bring unique knowledge and qualities that meld into a solid defense for our clients who have been charged with driving under the influence. We understand how it feels to be accused of a DUI, and we also know that the burden of proof is placed on the government to overcome your presumption of innocence. It's this understanding that forms the basis of how we provide representation to Alabama residents.

Our firm is committed to continuing education. By attending training courses and other educational seminars and workshops, we are able to learn innovative ways to defend cases as well as gain valuable insights into scientific and legal topics concerning DUI defense.

Careful preparation is one of the hallmarks of our firm's DUI defense. By carefully reviewing all of the evidence in our clients' cases, we are able to prepare a suitable defense strategy that gives us the upper hand on the prosecution and arresting officer and allows for the dismissal, acquittal, or reduction of charges.

Located centrally in Birmingham, the lawyers of Polson & Polson are able to conveniently service the entire state. Our firm has handled DUI cases in almost every county, as well as a majority of the municipal courts. To learn how we can help fight your case, please contact us today for a FREE case analysis.

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