Charge: DUI Accident With Injury

Charge: DUI Accident With Injury

  • October 7th, 2016
  • alabamadui

Charges: DUI Accident with Injury, .18 Breath

Case Synopsis: Client and several friends went to a local bar for drink specials. After several hours, the group left the bar and headed home. They were riding in an open top Jeep that client was driving. Upon approaching a round-a-bout, the front seat passenger, unannounced, jerked the steering wheel causing the vehicle to flip and skid. The front seat passenger’s hand was caught between the vehicle and the pavement and was severely injured, requiring amputation and surgeries. Client was arrested for DUI and registered a .18g/210L on the breath test. After extensive litigation, an agreement was reached for a dismissal of the DUI charge with prejudice.

Outcome: Case Dismissed With Prejudice

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