2nd DUI in AL: What Happens After a Second Offense DUI in Alabama?

By: Whitney Polson, DUI Attorney Birmingham AL and Drunk Driving Book Co-author

The following list of highlights of a second DUI in Alabama provide an overview of what is discussed in detail below. Alabama laws on drunk driving, from alcohol or drugs, are much more punitive for a second DUI offense, than a first-time offender. Alabama laws on suspensions and ignition interlock, plus additional jail time are all part of the DUI penalties for a second DUI offense in Alabama.

Imprisonment – Jail time from 5 days to 1 Year in Jail or Community Service for a minimum of 30 Days (Judge’s Discretion)
Fine – From $1,100 minimum up to $5,100 maximum; Judge’s discretion
License Suspension/Ignition Interlock – License suspension of 1 year and requirement for installation of 24 months of Ignition Interlock.  First 45 days with nothing to drive on, even if interlock is added. Then, if Ignition Interlock placed on vehicle after 45 days, the balance of the one-year license suspension may be commuted for the duration of the 24 months of Ignition Interlock.
Probation – Up to 2 years
Substance Abuse Treatment – Mandatory

A second offense DUI within five years (of the first DUI offense) is a misdemeanor with a jail term of no less than five (5) days and up to 365 days in the county jail or municipal jail. A judge in an Alabama criminal court may allow a person convicted of drunk driving to perform 30 days of community service in lieu of the required five days of jail time.

Discuss Your Second DUI With Your AL DUI Attorney

You should advise your DUI lawyer which option you desire to request from the Court, assuming that you have no way to try to win the case at trial. On a second DUI offense conviction, the accused must be fined not less than $1,100 and not more than $5,100, under Alabama DUI laws. Additionally, his or her driver’s license will be suspended for 1 year, and he or she will be required to attend a court-ordered substance abuse treatment program.

A Prior DUI in Alabama Requires Use of a “Lookback” Period 

Alabama DUI law measures prior first DUI offense by using a five-year “lookback” period, which means that a DUI second offense within 5 years has increased DUI consequences. Hence, 2nd DUI jail time, or felony DUI jail time would be significantly greater, if the driver was not facing a DUI 1st offense, in the last 5 years.

Jail Time for Alabama DUI: How Long do I Stay in Jail for DUI 2nd Offense?

Upon any 2nd DUI in Alabama conviction, the Judge sentences the driver, after conviction (by negotiated plea or jury verdict.) Under DUI laws in Alabama, the presiding Judge has wide sentencing discretion, so that your bad behavior during the arrest process or having excessive and dangerous BAC levels or for having one or more children in the vehicle are highly likely to trigger a more severe sentence on a second DUI.

The convicted DUI 2nd driver may be given a jail sentence of from 5 days as a minimum, and up to 365 days in the county jail or municipal jail. Additionally, the convicted Alabama DUI driver will be required to pay a fine of between $1,100 and $5,100, under applicable, minimum, mandatory Alabama DUI sentencing laws. For most of our clients facing a repeat offense driving while intoxicated charge, jail time for 2nd DUI is their number one concern. Hence, the DUI lawyer Birmingham AL from Polson Law Firm (Mark or Whitney) will be prepared to offer any mitigating evidence for our clients second offense DUI cases.

Mandatory Substance Abuse for 2nd DUI with Evaluation and Treatment

The person convicted of an Alabama also will be ordered to attend a court-approved substance abuse program (licensed by the state of Alabama). Out of state residents may be able to have the substance abuse evaluation and any mandated substance abuse treatment sessions performed in their state of residence, but be certain to obtain the guidance of your Alabama DUI lawyer before taking a course that may not meet Alabama DPS standards. Our DUI attorneys have made connections with a DUI lawyer in virtually every state in America and can get these answers for you. While we know Alabama DUI laws and can precisely outline Alabama DUI penalties, for any out-of-state licensee, we will call upon our long-term, national connections with DWI lawyers and DUI attorneys in all States.

Alabama Laws and Lookback Period for Determining 2nd DUI Offense

Alabama’s “lookback” period under Alabama DUI laws is five years. This means that if a person has only a first offense DUI, and the day that he or she is convicted of the second offense DUI is more than five years after the date of conviction for the first DUI offense, he or she will be sentenced within the minimum and maximum range of punishment as a person with a DUI first offense in Alabama. However, if the second offense DUI conviction is within five years of the date of the DUI first conviction, he or she will be punished for 2nd offense DUI, as a second-time driving while impaired offender in Alabama.

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