DUI in Alabama: Birmingham DUI Lawyer Ratings

Defense of driving under the influence cases is now a defined sub-specialty of the broader field criminal defense. Hiring this type of legal expert is the biggest factor in obtaining a great outcome for your case. Hiring a DUI specialist for your Alabama DUI attorney is imperative.

With over half of a century of collective year in practice as DUI defense lawyers in Alabama, Birmingham DUI Attorney Mark Polson, and his son, Birmingham DUI Lawyer Whitney Polson, have enjoyed the highest lawyer ratings for the State’s largest city. Operating a statewide practice from Birmingham, both law partners have gained a statewide reputation for successfully defending their clients charged with drunk driving.

Comparing DUI Lawyer Birmingham Law Firms

DUI Specialist notoriety for DUI lawyers is derived from five major sources:

  1. Their DUI law firm track record for successfully defending DUI cases, for a collective 56 years.
  2. Drunk driving book author.Alabama DUI lawyer Whitney Polson is co-author of the legal treatise, Alabama DUI Defense, published by Lawyers & Judges Publishing in Tucson, AZ.
  3. Lawyer Ratings.Martindale-Hubbell Pre-Eminent rated and “av” rated. Compare any other candidate for your Alabama DUI attorney for being ranked for these highest attorney ratings from America’s best-known and oldest lawyer rankings service. Both Whitney Polson and Mark Polson have been recognized here.
  4. Both members of the Polson Law Firm have obtained Super Lawyers recognition, as a DUI defense attorney.
  5. Winning the Toughest Cases. Lawyer ratings and reputations are of no value without winning.

(See news article for DUI attorney Birmingham, Mark Polson, set forth below)

Why other Alabama Lawyers know that Top Lawyer Rankings are Key

Once an attorney develops an expertise in a field of practice, he or she tends to be invited to be a speaker for other attorneys, seeking to learn more. Speakers get recognized for being invited to share their knowledge. Whitney Polson, DUI lawyer Birmingham, has been an invited speaker for numerous DUI defense legal seminars. The same is true for Birmingham DUI attorney Mark Polson, and for several more decades as a speaker. Both Alabama DUI attorneys are known for their ability to get a DUI dismissed or have the drunk driving case reduced, without having to go to a trial.

Why Hiring Top a Top DUI Birmingham Lawyer is Critical

When all the local municipal courts and the larger jury trial courts for drunk driving are considered, over 25% of all Alabama DUI cases are handled within a 50-mile radius of Birmingham, Alabama. Both partners at Polson and Polson attended law school in Birmingham (Samford), and reside in the suburbs near Birmingham.

Yet, our both Alabama DUI lawyers travel statewide, to every corner of Alabama, to fight for their clients. The Polson Law Firm goes to Orange Beach, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Phenix City, Huntsville, Dothan, Mobile and all points in between. CALL US now, 24-7, to speak to one of our Birmingham DUI lawyers. The call is FREE. The lawyer consultation is FREE(205) 871-8838

For a first DUI offense or a 2nd DUI in AL, call our DUI attorney Birmingham AL office. Forty-four year veteran Alabama DUI attorney Mark Polson or his son Whitney will give you honest answers to all your questions. The sooner you call Polson and Polson, the better chance we have to win your DUI case.