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By: Whitney Polson, Hoover DUI Lawyer, Super Lawyer, and Author of Alabama Drunk Driving Law Book

Handling a Traffic Arrest Case for DUI in Alabama in Hoover Municipal Court

For a city its size, Hoover Alabama has one of the higher annual average numbers for DUI arrests in all of Alabama, per capita. This is because the Hoover community is a center of law enforcement and is known nationally as being the headquarters of the National Computer Forensics Institute.

With a wide variety of excellent restaurants and bars in its shopping centers and business complexes, the residents in Hoover AL have a fairly-high average disposable income. In addition, the nearby interstate highway system brings many visitors who get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

These Alabama DUI cases are processed first at the Hoover Municipal Court, but can be transferred to the Jefferson County District Court, if a jury trial is requested. Also, by a different legal process, appeals from a conviction at a bench trial at Hoover Municipal Court can be judicially reviewed or get a de novo trial in that court of general jurisdiction.

For contact purposes, or questions about Hoover arrest records, or for information about coming to your arraignment, the Municipal Court of Hoover AL can be contacted here:

Hoover Municipal Court, 2020 Valleydale Road, Suite 101, Hoover, AL 35244

Hoover Municipal Court Helpline and Phone Number: 205-444-7526

Hoover Municipal Court Handles Misdemeanor Traffic Tickets – Including DUI Alabama

Because the Hoover Police Department makes 95% or more of the drunk driving arrests in the City of Hoover, most drunken drivers are arrested by members of the Hoover police department. Alabama State Troopers arrest the other 5% of suspected impaired drivers. These misdemeanor criminal cases also start in the Municipal Court of Hoover, 2020 Valleydale Road, Hoover, Alabama, close to where Highway 31 crosses Valleydale, in the massive Hoover Public Safety Center complex.

The municipal court in Hoover is like a “filtration system” for misdemeanor traffic offenses for Jefferson County Courts, and can handle its municipal court docket. Your Hoover AL DUI attorney starts his or her effort to find a favorable criminal case solution at this entry-level court. Negotiated pleas (e.g., possible youthful offender or diversion) or trials (when advisable) can take place at the Hoover Alabama traffic court.

Our criminal attorneys can seek to get a DUI reduced to reckless driving and avoid any DUI penalties, such as jail time, fines, and other sentencing issues. Our criminal lawyers may suggest completing some conditions (e.g., attending DUI school or classes) as part of putting together a reduced plea negotiation for a person facing a drunken driving accusation.

Non-DUI dispositions may be available for some client’s cases involving an initial arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), attempting to elude an officer, obstruction, or hit and run in Alabama. Each case depends on its own facts and circumstances. Plus, routine serious or non-serious traffic tickets that can add points to your driver’s license can be handled.

Hoover Alabama Police DUI

Hoover AL Public Safety Center

Hoover Has Grown into a National Law Enforcement Training Destination

The City of Hoover Alabama is a fast-growing city about 11 miles south of the Birmingham court locations. Located in southern Jefferson County (county seat: Birmingham), parts of the City of Hoover are also located in northern Shelby County, Alabama.

This area was previously called Green Valley, before the new town was incorporated in 1967 and re-named after William H. Hoover, the President of a large insurance company (Employers Mutual) relocated its entire facilities out of Birmingham in the 1950s so the company’s workers could obtain affordable housing in the post-Depression era.

Starting with only 406 residents in 1967, the City now boasts over 85,000 residents, due to explosive growth that fueled the widening of Highway 31 from Vestavia Alabama southward. With excellent schools, a low crime rate, and high-level business parks, median family income is among the best in Alabama.

The growth of Hoover AL is tied to better highways. Federal money helped build two busy interstate highways, I-65 and I-459, that pass through or near parts of the City of Hoover. Today, this once obscure Alabama city is also headquarters for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.

Hoover AL DUI Attorney

Because Hoover AL is primarily made up of shopping centers, office buildings, and residential neighborhoods, few people (outside law enforcement) would realize that Hoover AL is the location of the National Computer Forensics Institute.

It is a national training center for police officers across the USA, in electronic (computer) crime, such as detecting and interdicting child pornography. The training center is housed in the sprawling Public Safety Center, where the Hoover Police Department is located.

The Hoover Police Department has plenty of time to patrol the city’s streets and make DUI arrests. With such a high concentration of people dining out, with many of those drinking alcohol, those revelers who are suspected of driving under the influence may be detected by law enforcement and pulled over when leaving restaurants in Hoover.

Although near other southeast Birmingham suburbs, like Homewood, Vestavia Hills, and Mountain Brook, thousands of patrons of food establishments travel to Hoover bars and restaurants. Typically, diners prefer to avoid traffic, and visit food businesses and drinking establishments within a 10-mile radius. Hoover is the center point for thousands of homes and the city is near dozens of hotels and motels.

Some drunk driving suspects don’t get to their hotel rooms or apartments before being arrested for an Alabama DUI. With well-known shopping and entertainment areas like The Riverchase Galleria, The Village at Lee Branch, and Patton Creek, and many multi-lane highways and feeder streets, Hoover police have their hands full at night, seven days a week.

On its website, the Hoover Chamber of Commerce features the diverse range of shopping and entertainment businesses in Hoover AL, featuring ethnic foods and genres of all types. With the National police forensics school in town, there are several hundred additional police officers from across America, as an additional set of eyes to make 911 calls and assist the Hoover Police Department.

Hiring the Best Hoover DUI Attorney for Your Traffic Ticket Arrest

Why not hire a Hoover DUI lawyer who resides and practices within 10 miles of the Hoover Community? Both Mark Polson and his son Whitney are those local DUI defense attorneys. Certainly, their many appearances in the municipal court of Hoover Alabama are not as important as their stellar attorney ratings and multiple recognitions, awards, and legal practice credentials.

DUI book author Whitney Polson, and his father before him, both graduated from nearby Cumberland Law School at Samford University. Plus, their Homewood-area law office location (2824 Central Avenue in southeastern Birmingham), is conveniently situated a few minutes north of the City of Hoover’s public safety complex.

The Polson Law Firm’s longstanding commitment to criminal defense, and their familiarity with the Hoover municipal court personnel (e.g., judge, prosecutor, clerk’s office) provides them with experience and close ties to this misdemeanor criminal court. Most people want to hire a criminal defense attorney that specializes in drunk driving defense, and that desire perfectly describes the Polson Law Firm.

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