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Alabama Restaurant Magnet Creates a Mecca for DUI in Mountain Brook

By: Whitney Polson, Mountain Brook DUI attorney, and Author of Alabama Law Drunk Driving Book

The City of Mountain Brook Alabama is one of the most vibrant, upwardly-mobile suburbs of Birmingham. The affluent neighborhood of fewer than 25,000 people has a disproportionately large number of quality restaurants (over 50), most of which serve alcoholic beverages.

Because Mountain Brook AL is one of the State’s safest cities, the Mountain Brook Police have plenty of time to patrol the city’s streets and make DUI arrests. With such a high concentration of people dining out and many of those are drinking alcohol, those revelers who are suspected of driving under the influence may be detected by law enforcement and pulled over. when leaving restaurants in Mountain Brook.

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Alabamians in nearby cities like Homewood, Vestavia Hills and Birmingham (and from even further away) travel to Mountain Brook restaurants, and some patrons do not get home before getting arrested for a DUI in Alabama. The residential community occupies 12 square miles and is situated south of Interstate 20 in the southeast quadrant of metropolitan Birmingham.

All of Mountain Brook is entirely west of Interstate 459, which runs south from I-20. Laced with highways and feeder streets, Mountain Brook police have their hands full at night, seven days a week.

Mountain Brook Nightlife Leads to Traffic Violations – Including Alabama DUI

On its website, the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce features the diverse range of restaurants in Mountain Brook AL, featuring ethnic foods and genres of all types, and promotes the “Mountain Brook Restaurant Trail Challenge” each year. Reputed to also be the originator of the modern business park, the City of  Mountain Brook also is heavily invested in the preservation of trees and the quality of suburban life for the up-and-coming town.

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Mountain Brook Municipal Court Handles Misdemeanor Traffic Tickets, Including DUI Alabama

Since the Mountain Brook Police Department makes 95% or more of the drunk driving arrests in the restaurant hub, most drunken drivers are taken into custody by the Mountain Brook police. Alabama State Troopers arrest the other 5%, but these cases also start in the Municipal Court of Mountain Brook. The courtroom location is 56 Church Street, Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Your case can be moved to Jefferson County District Court, for a jury trial, or for appeal from a Mountain Brook Municipal Court conviction at a non-jury (bench) trial, where the aggrieved person may be entitled to a de novo trial in that court of general jurisdiction.

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Mountain Brook Municipal Court, 56 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213

The municipal court in Mountain Brook is like a “filtration system” for misdemeanor traffic offenses for Jefferson County Courts, and can handle its municipal court docket. Negotiated pleas or trials can take place here, and DUI fines and other alternative sentencing may be available for cases involving driving under the influence (DUI), hit and run in Alabama, and other serious or non-serious traffic tickets.

Unless your court date falls on a holiday, or the 5th Wednesday of the month, the Mountain Brook municipal court traffic violation cases are scheduled every Wednesday at 4:00 PM.

Hiring the Best Mountain Brook DUI Lawyer for Your Traffic Ticket

Why not hire a Mountain Brook DUI Attorney who lives and practices within the Mountain Brook Community? Certainly, the regular appearances in the Court at Mountain Brook are not as important as the lawyer ratings and credentials of our law partners.


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Both author Whitney Polson, and his father, noted DUI lawyer Mark Polson, live in the Mountain Brook area, and both attorneys graduated from Cumberland Law School at Samford University. Plus, their Homewood-area law office location (2824 Central Ave #200, Birmingham,, AL 35209) is only minutes away from the City of Mountain Brook’s court building.

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The information shown below can be found on the Mountain Brook website:

Heather Richards
Magistrate Supervisor
Telephone:  205-802-3828
Email address: richardsh@mtnbrook.org
Fax Number:  205-870-3590

Connie Madsen
Court Magistrate
Telephone: 205-802-3827
Email address: madsenc@mtnbrook.org
Fax Number: 205-870-3590

Elizabeth Greer
Court Magistrate
Telephone: 205-802-3829
Email address: greere@mtnbrook.org
Fax Number: 205-870-3590

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