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Alabama Nursing License Lawyer - Nursing License and DUI Impact

If you have to fight disciplinary action before the Board  in a nursing license case at the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN), you need an experienced Alabama lawyer at your side. Taking a board exam, completing one of many rigorous nursing programs and especially after finishing registered nursing school takes too long, and commands too good of a dependable salary to give it up without a fight.

Some cases need special techniques to avoid public reprimand, monitoring compliance, being on probation, or being suspended from practice due a revoked reinstatement from a positive drug test.

Protect your license by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney for your legal needs, and for protection of your professional license, at administrative hearings or by way of negotiations for accepting the VDAP option. You make be thinking about taking a hiatus from nursing or undergoing rehabilitation, if such extreme actions are required to protect RN licenses.

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Whether you are an RN or a nurse practitioner, nurses in Alabama do not want to lose their license to practice. Don’t go to the nursing board Alabama hearing without first getting targeted legal advice, and then securing representation at the right law firm in Alabama. Considering the recent movement of national accreditation of RN licenses, a negative outcome at the Alabama Board could block your efforts to be licensed in health care in other jurisdictions. Boards of Nursing across America will communicate with each other, so trying to hope that an issue goes away is not a good strategy.

All Licensed Nursing Professionals Are Subject to ABN Oversight

Like many professions for which the public is at risk (chiropractors, pharmacists, doctors, dentists, attorneys, CPAs), the Alabama State Board of Nursing controls professional license issuance for all categories of Alabama nursing board administrative law actions.

This means registered nurses, an LPN, nurse practitioners, certified nursing assistant, an advanced practice nurse such as CRNP, or a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) can be called before the ABN to account for criminal charges, or possibly for addiction issues or other complaints to the Board of Nursing Alabama. For laws relating to the Alabama Board of Nursing CLICK HERE.

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Simply stated, loss of your registered nursing license means that you must look for a job that does not offer the premium pay commensurate with jobs offered to a person with an RN license, with all certification requirements in place with the Alabama Board of Nursing.

Alabama State Board of Nursing Complaints Against Nurses in Alabama

You have received the dreaded notification from your employer that they are going to file a complaint against you with the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN Nursing). Receipt of a notice of investigation means that an experienced Alabama attorney is needed immediately. The Board of Nursing has rules pertaining to any sort of alleged misconduct, including an arrest and conviction for an Alabama DUI, or for controlled substance charges.

complaint can start a nurse addiction investigation, or the charges can even be for a lack of compliance with Alabama Board of Nursing CEU mandates. By nursing license renewal being required every two years, any pending legal issue will be the focus of the Alabama State Nursing Board. As opposed to a continuing education requirement not being met by the deadline, a disciplinary action started by the Alabama Board of Nursing investigations division can be the road to termination of state licensing.

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Are You Capable of Self-Representation Against the ABN Attorney?

The ABN is represented by a skilled lawyer in Alabama, who knows the administrative hearing rules and any options for avoiding suspension and saving your nursing license.  Complaints of criminal misconduct such as driving under the influence, drug possession, or diverting prescription medication can be accused as felony or misdemeanor offenses.

When trying to self-represent, saying the wrong thing, or making an admission to a specific issue of legal charge, without knowing the criminal and administrative consequences, can be a career-ending mistake.

Unlike the purchase of a new or used car, some mistakes made in this area of legal regulation cannot be salvaged, once a hearing or consent resolution is in place. Be smart and realize that a criminal justice attorney knows how to protect all your legal rights.

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If you are a nurse, then attorneys that are skilled in contested criminal defense and representing professionals at administrative hearings are vital to your future. Don’t GO IT ALONE!

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