Lawyer for Alabama Nursing License at the Alabama Board of Nursing

If you have to fight a nursing license case at the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN), you need an Alabama lawyer at your side. Nursing school takes too long, and commands too good of a dependable salary to give that up, without a fight. Whether you are a RN or a nurse practitioner, losing your license to practice. Don’t go to the nursing board Alabama hearing without representation.

All Licensed Nursing professionals are subject to ABN oversight

Like many professions for which the public is at risk (doctors, dentists, attorneys, CPAs) The Alabama State Board of Nursing controls licensing for all categories of Alabama nursing board administrative law action. This means registered nurses, LPN, nurse practitioners, or a nurse anesthetist can be called before the ABN to account for charges or complaints. Simply stated, loss of your nursing license means that you have to look for a job that does not offer the premium pay of an Alabama Board of Nursing professional.

Alabama State Board of Nursing complaint

You have received the dreaded notification from your employer that they are going to file a complaint against you with the Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN Nursing). Receipt of a notice of investigation means that an Alabama attorney is needed, immediately. The Board of Nursing has rules pertaining to any sort of conduct, including an Alabama DUI, possible missing controlled substance charges, a nurse addiction investigation, or even lack of compliance with Alabama Board of Nursing CEU mandates.

Are you capable of Self-Representation against the ABN Attorney?

The ABN is represented by a skilled lawyer in Alabama, who knows the rules and any options for suspension of your nursing license.  Saying the wrong thing, or making an admission to a particular charge, without knowing the administrative consequences can be a career-ending mistake. Unlike making a decision to purchase a new car, some mistakes made in this area of legal regulation cannot be salvaged, under certain circumstances, once a hearing or consent resolution is in place.

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