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If you ask any experienced lawyer in Birmingham, AL, “Who is the most successful DUI lawyer in Alabama?”, the name most commonly mentioned is Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson or his son, Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson. Without question, the top Alabama criminal defense attorneys on the topic of DUI attorney Birmingham AL is the Polson Law Firm.

Read more below about Whitney Polson, DUI attorney Birmingham AL and his new book, Alabama DUI Defense (co-authored with three other Alabama DUI attorneys. The 2016 drunk driving book has gained a lot of attention in the legal community in Alabama.

Birmingham Attorneys who are Experts on Alabama DUI Laws

Whether a DUI Alabama arrest was made at a DUI checkpoint, or after a DUI accident, or (under DUI laws in Alabama) will be a felony DUI by virtue of a car accident with serious injury or vehicle homicide, the Polson Law Firm handles all aspects of DUI law Alabama. Drunk driving defense in Alabama is their specialty.

With Alabama DUI experience approaching 50 years of service, the two Alabama DUI attorneys have blanketed the criminal courts of Birmingham and northern Alabama by handling criminal and driving under the influence cases. When it comes to Alabama DUI, not lawyers in Alabama have more DUI case experience than Mark Polson.

DUI defense lawyer reputation is built off repeated success in drunk driving cases. Attorney ratings, like Super Lawyers (which both Mark and Whitney have received) come from proven track records. In fact, virtually every Alabama DUI attorney in practice for 20 or more years knows the name “Mark Polson” as a Birmingham DUI lawyer because of the many high-profile clients the Birmingham DUI lawyer has helped during his 41-year career.

We Protect Client Privacy, but some cases make the News

Mark’s handling of these celebrity DUI arrests has often made the news in Alabama. In today’s social media world, and with paparazzi seeking new media stories all the time, a sports figure or celebrity being represented by either Mark Polson, or his son, Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson, for a DUI in Alabama. While the news media picks up on DUI Alabama cases for celebrities, Whitney and Mark Polson treat ALL of their clients the same –with dedication to getting a DUI dismissed, or a DUI reduced to reckless driving, where police have violated DUI law Alabama.

Alabama DUI Lawyer – Mark Polson

Birmingham DUI attorneys Mark Polson and Whitney Polson are legal experts on Alabama DUI laws, and have been invited speakers at numerous DUI defense lawyer Birmingham DUI lawyer Whitney Polson just co-authored the latest book on Alabama DUI laws, in 2016. The book is titled: Alabama DUI Defense. A new seminar featuring this DUI law Alabama book is being planned in 2017.

If you don’t know any DUI defense attorneys in Birmingham to ask for a referral, read more about either of the partners at Polson Law Firm on the Web site, before hiring another DUI defense lawyer to handle your criminal case. If you want to know how to get out of a DUI in Alabama, this is the firm to see. They know DUI laws in Alabama from A to Z.

When it comes to needing the best Birmingham DUI attorney, the Polson law firm is the “go to” criminal defense lawyer firm in Alabama, for people focused on beating a DUI. If you need a criminal justice attorney in Birmingham, or any other Alabama court location, Whitney Polson and Mark Polson can help.

Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney – Expert on Alabama Criminal Laws

For four decades, Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson has been an Alabama criminal defense attorney with a statewide reputation for being an aggressive advocate for his accused clients. The veteran criminal defense attorney Birmingham AL has followed his passion for fighting felony and misdemeanor cases in Alabama.

Whitney Polson knows Alabama criminal laws like the back of his hand. Many people are not aware that both Whitney and Mark Polson have handled felony or misdemeanor cases all over the State of Alabama. By way of example of this, the news article posted above was from a DUI trial handled by Mark in Mobile AL. Plus, our DUI law firm’s clients want privacy, anonymity and no publicity, but celebrities always seem to be the focus of the Press. So, we can’t tell you details about the thousands of successful DUI defenses we have used to win cases for our other clients.

Because accused citizens facing Alabama DUI charges, possession of marijuana or drug possession charges want to hire the best private criminal defense attorney, even if that is a criminal lawyer Birmingham, like one of the members of the Polson Law Firm. Providing aggressive criminal defense as the benchmark of their criminal law practice has been the “bread and butter” of Birmingham DUI lawyers, Whitney Polson and Mark Polson.

Whitney Polson’s Drunk Driving Book on Alabama DUI Laws

In 2016, Birmingham criminal defense attorney Whitney Polson (along with three other Alabama DUI lawyer specialists) co-authored a new book outlining Alabama DUI law and DUI defenses. The title of the book, Alabama DUI Defense, has been the theme of the Polson Law Firm criminal defense attorney practice in Alabama for over 40 years. Regardless of the specific driving under the influence topic they are asked to write about or lecture other DUI attorneys on, based on their expertise in Alabama DUI, the central issue for both DUI defense lawyers is how to beat a DUI.

Defending all Felony of Misdemeanor Crimes in Alabama

Although Criminal Defense Lawyer Alabama Mark Polson and Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson are best known as Birmingham lawyers who are both Alabama criminal defense lawyers and DUI specialists, the Polsons’ criminal defense careers and criminal case wins have covered many types of non-DUI criminal cases, felony or misdemeanor, including:

  • Vehicular Homicide (criminally negligent homicide)
  • Serious Injury by Vehicle (first-degree assault or vehicular assault)
  • Murder (when drunk driving and a fatality accident occurs by outrageous driving, like racing)
  • Embezzlement or other theft charges
  • Marijuana Possession
  • Selling Weed
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Domestic violence cases

Over 85% of all criminal cases at their Birmingham DUI lawyer office are from alcohol or drugs. nor from a DUI Alabama arrest. But our criminal attorneys have dozens of other criminal law cases on their shelves, that have no connection to drinking alcohol, using drugs or driving under the influence. These criminal defense cases include possession of marijuana, hit and run, racing, drug trafficking, prostitution, bond forfeiture, failure to appear, theft by deception, family violence, fraud, pandering, identity theft, auto theft, and underage drinking (MIP). So, whether a DUI in Alabama, a suspended license Alabama, of being arrested for an Alabama Class A misdemeanor, the Polson Law Firm can help.

Lawyer Ratings for our DUI Law Firm among Alabama’s Best

Based on legal industry lawyer ratings, Birmingham criminal defense lawyer Mark Polson has been recognized by Super Lawyers for nearly 10 straight years for his work in DUI defense law and in Alabama criminal trial practice. He is also SUPERB-rated by AVVO, with the highest possible score, 10.0. His son, Whitney has also been recognized as a Super Lawyer, as an Alabama DUI attorney, and also has achieved an AVVO “superb” lawyer rating. The new drunk driving book on Alabama DUI laws is the crowning achievement of the Polson DUI law firm.

Legal expertise and lawyer reviews determine best Birmingham DUI lawyer

Because lawyers in Birmingham’s top law firms always dominate the “best attorney” listings in statewide directories and attorney rating services (e.g., Super Lawyers, AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell), the best DUI lawyers in Birmingham are widely considered to be among the best Alabama DUI lawyers. Mark Polson and Whitney Polson both appear there, but (due to being under age 40) Whitney is listed as a “Rising Star.”

To find proof of Birmingham DUI attorneys dominating lawyer rating services for drunk driving defense can be found in looking at the front cover of every Alabama Super Lawyer annual promotional magazine. On these covers, a Birmingham attorney has made the almost every single year. It is usually a top-rated civil attorney since criminal defense (in the legal field gets far less attention than big civil verdicts.

Part of the reason for this phenomenon is that the largest city typically attracts top DUI lawyers, in every state. Birmingham is the State’s largest city. Furthermore, other “specialty” lists on Super Lawyers for Top Women attorneys, Top 100, etc., most of the names of best lawyers and best law firms are in Birmingham.

So, if you are seeking a highly-rated Birmingham DUI attorney who covers ALL of Alabama, look no further – it is the Polson Law Firm. Hire a criminal attorney from our DUI Alabama law firm with confidence. If their collective experience can’t provide a strategy on how to get out of a DUI, then your really have a problem!

Beyond DUI attorney reviews – A checklist of legal industry benchmarks

The oldest and most universally respected lawyer rating service in America is Martindale-Hubbell. The highest possible rankings are “av” and “preeminent” which indicates the highest skill level and highest ethical ratings for attorneys. Both of the Polsons are ranked at this highest level. Below is the attorneys ratings badge from Martindale. Com, for Birmingham DUI attorney, Mark Polson.

To achieve top lawyer ratings, Alabama criminal defense attorneys Mark Polson and Whitney Polson have amassed lengthy resumes of Alabama DUI law training seminar attendance and being invited speakers at many seminars on Alabama DUI laws, and providing criminal defense services to other attorneys in Alabama who do not practice criminal law. This dedication to the highest level of training on DUI Defense has pushed them to top attorney ratings, for criminal law and knowing DUI laws in Alabama. Their proven DUI Alabama trial results as the “go to” lawyers in Alabama for criminal cases relating to alcohol and drugs is the source of these excellent DUI attorney reviews.

Focusing on this broad, multi-faceted profile, when comparing the best lawyers in Birmingham, for DUI attorneys who handle DUI defense law, and based on ALL objective factors and based on longevity, no other Birmingham criminal defense attorney, Alabama DUI defense lawyer, or criminal defense attorney anywhere else in Alabama has higher AVVO attorney reviews than Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson, and Whitney is also rated “superb” by AVVO. These “illegal industry-leading” accolades and recognitions in the field of criminal law relating to criminal defense for citizens facing criminal charges for alcohol and drugs.

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