Veteran Birmingham DUI Lawyer Among Alabama’s Best Criminal Attorneys

Birmingham DUI Lawyer Mark Polson

Alabama DUI Lawyer Mark Polson of Birmingham

For criminal defense attorneys, based on legal industry lawyer ratings, Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson has been recognized by Super Lawyers for nearly 10 straight years for his work in DUI defense and in Alabama criminal trial practice. Insofar as lawyer ratings for a DUI lawyer Birmingham, his 44 years of successful DUI defenses as a Jefferson County criminal lawyer has placed the Alabama DUI attorney at the top of most lists of Alabama Best Lawyers, based on quality of legal services performed, as a Birmingham DUI attorney.

In addition to Mark Polson, his son, Whitney Polson, just co-authored the book “Alabama DUI Defense” in 2016. This book on Alabama DUI laws was the first book by the DUI attorney, Birmingham AL. With criminal law as the mainstay of their law firm, driving under the influence cases have made them regionally and nationally famous for defending citizens accused of drunk driving in the state of Alabama. Their legal advice has guided thousands of people accused of DUI Alabama, to a DUI dismissal or reduction of charges.

Both Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Alabama Book Authors

For the topics of criminal defense of motor vehicle charges, and especially driving under the influence (for anyone facing an Alabama DUI), Mark Polson and his son, Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson, have now “written the books.” Both Alabama criminal defense attorneys have been co-authors of treatises on drunk driving books that cover Alabama DUI and the creative, winning defenses that they have built for these felony or misdemeanor cases.

The law office goes statewide, in defending accused drunk drivers, whether in courts near Birmingham, AL, such as Vestavia Municipal Court, Mountain Brook Municipal Court or at a criminal court case in Mobile, AL.

The Polson Law Firm has made these legal books available to other criminal defense attorneys in Alabama to use, to help them know how to fight a DUI case in the state of Alabama. For DUI law Alabama, no other DUI defense attorneys in the state have done more to educate both the DUI lawyer and the client facing criminal prosecution in Alabama. Whitney Polson’s new drunk driving book from 2016 on Alabama DUI law is icing on the cake for the Polson and Polson law firm in Birmingham AL.


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Title: Criminal

The team at Polson and Polson is awesome. They made what was the lowest point of my life hopeful. The team guided me patiently, without any judgment and with lots of reassurance that it would be alright every step of the way. Polson and Polson is the way to go if you ever find yourself in a position like mine.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

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