Birmingham DUI Defense Attorneys Mark Polson and Whitney Polson (Father and Son Team)

Alabama DUI laws – if “broken” – can have serious lifetime consequences, but only if that driver is CONVICTED. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with emotion after a “night of fun” turns into a night in jail. However, your immediate sense of doom and gloom MAY have a favorable solution that you would not expect to happen, such as a reckless driving vs DUI disposition, or possibly an even more favorable outcome, like a DUI dismissal.

THAT is why you don’t give up and simply look for a cheap DUI lawyer to plead you guilty. That stress-driven decision can be a lifetime mistake. A skilled, experienced, highly-rated Alabama DUI lawyer is only a phone call away, whether your case is pending in Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, Florence, Muscle Shoals, Phenix City or in one of the metro Birmingham AL courts. Our law firm covers all of Alabama from our office location in the Homewood section of Birmingham Alabama.

Birmingham AL DUI Lawyers

Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Alabama

Alabama Attorney Mark PolsonHave you been charged with driving under the influence for alcohol or drugs in Alabama, or were you arrested recently for another type of criminal offense? Have you been Googling “DUI defense lawyers” to find the DUI attorney near me that can help you obtain a great result? If so, read more below about one of Alabama’s premier law firms near me.

Jefferson County Alabama criminal lawyer Mark Polson has 44 years of courtroom experience in criminal defense, DUI and DWI defense (drugs or alcohol). Whitney Polson, his son, practices the same areas of law: DUI and DWI, plus any alcohol and drug-related charges. Together these successful and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys have a collective 60+ years of courtroom experience
The Polson law firms’ legal expertise has helped thousands of clients facing misdemeanor and felony DUI Alabama charges get reduced penalties – and possibly a dismissal. As a father-son legal team, Mark and Whitney know the importance of protecting families by not having a breadwinner hampered by a prior DUI conviction. For example, protecting our client’s driver’s license is a KEY consideration in every driving while intoxicated cases. The two veteran criminal attorneys in Alabama are passionate about helping citizens in time of need, and these criminal law advocates in Birmingham will fight on your behalf.
Don’t feel defeated. Don’t plead guilty and “take your medicine.” Hope for a favorable case resolution exists in MOST DUI Alabama cases, with the right defense attorneys. Birmingham DUI lawyers Mark Polson and Whitney Polson know how badly a DUI/DWI and other criminal charges can affect all aspects of your life. Using this knowledge, the criminal justice attorneys vigorously defend people across the state of Alabama who are accused of driving while impaired, and who simply cannot plead guilty to an AL DUI and face lifelong penalties, including the possible loss of a lucrative career.

Rankings With Legal Industry Lawyer Ratings Services

Drunk driving defense is our specialty as Alabama criminal defense attorneys. When it comes to Alabama DUI defense, no lawyers in Alabama have more case experience than the driving under the influence specialists, Mark Polson and Whitney Polson.

Super Lawyers has acknowledged Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson for 10 years based on his excellent DUI defense in Alabama. Super Lawyers refers to our DUI specialist law office in Birmingham as a “premier criminal defense law firm.” Similarly, America’s oldest attorney ratings service, Martindale-Hubbell has ranked lawyers since 1868. Both Mark and Whitney are rated with this prestigious legal practice organization.

Our dedicated criminal defense attorneys travel statewide to defend accused drunk drivers. Mark and Whitney will travel to any court — from courthouses near Birmingham, AL, such as Hoover, Vestavia Hills or Mountain Brook Municipal courts — to a criminal court case in Mobile, AL or Montgomery, Alabama.

Both Mark and Whitney Polson are familiar with municipal courts and district courts in ALL areas of the state of Alabama. Also, our criminal defense lawyers are very familiar with the prosecutors handling driving under the influence cases in Alabama courts. Our criminal defense attorneys are willing to go the extra mile to represent you and to make sure you are aggressively defended, leaving no stone unturned for obtaining a great outcome.

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Auburn University graduate Whitney Polson will proudly handle your case regardless of the type of charge: misdemeanor DUIs, felony DUIs, juvenile criminal, misdemeanor criminal or felony criminal charges—1st offense DUI, 2nd DUI offense, DUI 3rd offense and traffic violations.

No more than you would entrust a serious medical problem to a doctor of unknown skill level, your legal representation should not be entrusted to just ANY criminal lawyers near me. A criminal defense lawyer’s reputation is built on repeated success in cases, positive attorney ratings, and customer reviews. Prior clients continuously comment on the Polson Law office’s professionalism and caring attitude. Yes, it is possible to maintain these two outstanding attributes simultaneously!

The Polson & Polson Law Firm has been awarded the highest level of professional excellence (2018 Martindale-Hubbell) and Client Champion Gold 2018. Give yourself some piece of mind and call us to see how our DUI defense law firm works. From the Gulf Coast (e.g., Gulf Shores or Orange Beach) to the Tennessee line (e.g., Athens, Huntsville or Florence) – our Alabama attorneys CAN AND WILL guide you through this. Every minute counts! Act now! Give us a call TODAY for your free consultation.

Veteran Birmingham DUI Lawyer Among Alabama’s Best Criminal Attorneys

Based on legal industry lawyer ratings, Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson has been recognized by Super Lawyers for nearly 10 straight years for his work in drunk driving defense and in Alabama criminal trial practice. Attorney Polson’s 44 years of asserting successful DUI defenses as a Jefferson County criminal lawyer has placed the Alabama DUI attorney at the top of most lists of Alabama Best Lawyers, based on quality of legal services performed, as a Birmingham DUI attorney.

In addition to Mark Polson, his son, Whitney Polson, just co-authored the book “Alabama DUI Defense” in 2016. This book on Alabama DUI laws was the first book written by the DUI attorney, Birmingham AL. With criminal law as the mainstay of their law firm, driving under the influence cases have made them regionally and nationally famous for defending citizens accused of drunk driving in the state of Alabama. Their legal advice has guided thousands of people accused of DUI Alabama, to a DUI dismissal or reduction of charges.

Both Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Alabama Book Authors

For the topics of criminal defense of motor vehicle charges, and especially driving under the influence (for anyone facing an Alabama DUI), Mark Polson and his son, Birmingham DUI attorney Whitney Polson, have now “written the books.” Both Alabama criminal defense attorneys have been co-authors of treatises on drunk driving books that cover Alabama DUI and the creative, winning defenses that they have built for these felony or misdemeanor cases.

The Polson & Polson Law Firm has made these legal books available to other criminal defense attorneys in Alabama to use, to help them know how to fight a DUI case in the state of Alabama. For DUI law Alabama, no other DUI defense attorneys in the state have done more to educate both the DUI lawyer and their clients facing criminal prosecution in Alabama.

The new drunk driving book by DUI defense attorney Whitney Polson, published in 2016, is icing on the cake for the Polson & Polson criminal law firm in Birmingham Alabama. Mark Polson was also author of a book for lawyers on Alabama DUI law decades ago. This tradition for the Polson law Firm of helping to educate all Alabama attorneys about DUI laws in Alabama is just one accolade that the criminal defense attorneys have received in the field of criminal law.


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Polson & Polson, P.C.
2824 Central Avenue #150
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