Alabama DUI Penalties

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New Alabama DUI Laws Increase Punishment and Driver’s License Loss

Like most states DUI-DWI laws, the minimum DUI penalties in Alabama have exploded over the last two decades. An Alabama DUI conviction includes both criminal and administrative penalties to include jail time, fines, probation, license suspension, and revocation. There is an additional $100 “tax” for the Impaired Drivers Trust Fund in Alabama (funds to offset attorney costs of drunk driving victims) and community service. DUI Felony you are facing 1 year and one day to 10 years for AL DUI

Only Alabama DUI Youthful Offender Laws Allow for Waiver or Non-Punishment

The judge cannot waive mandatory Alabama vehicle Code punishments. The Alabama Legislature has made laws that block any DUI court judge from restoring driving privileges in “special cases.” This law keeps anyone from getting special treatment based on who they know. You should hire a DUI lawyer in Alabama who knows how to AVOID a conviction.

Driver’s License Suspensions Are a Concern for Citizens Facing an Alabama DUI

After a drunk driving conviction, Alabama DPS suspends your driver’s license. Suspensions vary depending on the driver’s age and the number of previous DUI convictions. You must install an ignition interlock device after a license suspension or revocation. The driver has to pay the installation, maintenance and removal costs totaling $1,400 to $2,100 per year.

How Mandatory Ignition Interlock Devices Became Part of Alabama DUI Laws (and Other States)

MADD has pushed for all states to make ignition interlock devices mandatory for repeat DUI offenders to regain limited driving privileges. AL DUI Ignition Interlock Law after DUI says you must install an IID If it is your first DUI offense in Alabama, you will receive a 90-day license suspension and are required to have an IID installed for six months. Your license is revoked for a full year after your 2nd DUI. However, the suspension will be ‘stayed’ if you agree to install and maintain an ignition interlock for two years as required by DUI ignition interlock laws in AL. Other states have altered their laws in response to MADD. Expungement options are now available. Licensed drivers in Tennessee and Mississippi are required to install an ignition interlock for a full year on a first offense DUI. If the interlock device stays on your car for the entire suspension period, your DUI conviction will be wiped from the criminal record. Georgia offers a path for early driver’s license reinstatement as well. After the first 120 days of a 2nd DUI in GA, the person must wait for 3 full years to drive again. As of July 2017, a Georgia driver facing a DUI administrative license suspension for an implied consent “refusal” can opt for a full year ignition interlock limited driving permit.

“Can I Get a Restricted License After a 2nd DUI in Alabama?”

When you get a 2nd time DUI, your full driving privileges are suspended for one year. You must also get an ignition interlock installed for two years. Other distinctive 2nd DUI penalties include: •Five (5) days mandatory county or municipal jail time •Completion of an Alabama DUI/ substance abuse program •Fines ranging from $1,500 – 5,100

Do You Lose Your Driver’s License After a DUI in Alabama?

Administrative and Criminal Suspension Issues

DUI clients who hire our law firm want to save their license. Because of harsh Alabama DUI consequences, one of the more common questions we hear is, “Does your license get suspended after a DUI?” The Polson Law Firm says YES. Alabama Drivers License revoked after Administrative Drivers License Suspension in AL If you refuse “chemical” tests of your blood, breath, or urine from the law enforcement officer. your Alabama driver’s license will be revoked or suspended If you fail to file an Alabama DPS appeal within 10 days. This means your license can be suspended BEFORE the criminal case gets resolved. Call Polson and Polson after your Alabama DUI and save your right to drive- state of Alabama outline Birmingham DUI Lawyers Mark and Whitney Polson know all aspects of Alabama DUI law. They can help minimize loss of driving privileges in the overwhelming majority of an Alabama DUI first offense clients. Our DUI attorneys can also help a huge number of Alabamians facing a 2nd offense DUI. Unlike other states, you aren’t eligible for a restricted license after 90 days of a suspension period. Like every state, minimum punishments increase as the DUI arrests increase. After someone gets their 2nd DUI, 3rd, or fourth DUI in Alabama, the gap between convictions also dictates punishment. In certain circumstances, we can help reduce your DUI charges to a “wet reckless.” A wet reckless driving charge means you may not have to serve jail time, your fines will be lower, and you won’t have a DUI on your record.

How the Right Alabama DUI Attorney Can Make a Difference

Alabama DUI laws control both the minimum mandatory sentencing and the range of sentencing options. This is where Birmingham DUI lawyer Mark Polson and his son, Whitney Polson, make a huge difference. Polson and Polson find solutions that other Alabama attorneys can’t – thanks to thousands of cases and decades of DUI defense. Our DUI law firm will guide you through this tough process. Lift this burden off your shoulders and onto ours. THIS IS WHAT WE DO! When you only have one chance to win your Alabama DUI, hire our experienced, reputable DUI lawyers. Colored map of Alabama- shows that Polson and Polson fights AL DUIs anywhere in Alabama CONTACT US Office Phone: (205) 871-8838 Polson & Polson, P.C. 2824 Central Avenue #150 Birmingham, AL 35209 An Alabama DUI attorney from Polson Law Firm can come to your location, anywhere in Alabama, if necessary, after a serious auto accident. Causing a death while DUI is a highly serious crime, under Alabama criminal laws. For criminal cases, the lawyer gives you a free consultation, so why not call us NOW 24 hours a day. We open our doors and get on the phone ASAP because time is of the essence in criminal defense. Call Polson and Polson for your free consultation- 24 hours a day Polson and Polson Super Lawyers banner. Below is a banner saying that these DUI attorneys are members of the National College for DUI Defense Because our Super Lawyers fight Alabama DUI charges across the state of Alabama, there is no excuse for you missing the filing deadline of 10 days for your administrative license revocation appeal. The 10-day deadline cannot be extended, as well as other misdemeanor or felony criminal offenses. If arrested for an Alabama DUI, CALL OUR DUI LAW FIRM now at our Birmingham DUI lawyer office. 205-871-8838. If you are from out of state, you can also call our DUI attorneys at our office toll-free at 1-844-7POLSON [1-844-776-5766]. ON WEEKENDS or AFTER BUSINESS HOURS, try our 24-hour Lawyers at (205) 222-4544

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